Updates and Realizations

I’ve updated the floor plan section of our blog to include the, wait for it, floor plan. I’ve also included the basement plan, despite the fact that we won’t currently be finishing it, in hopes that my game area and office will soon live down there. I refuse to use the term “man-cave” to describe it, more like James’ Lair of Awesome. That sounds about right.

Further, what has blogging about building our new home taught me? That my iPhone takes better pictures than my DSLR. Yes, the thing I keep in my pocket shoots at a higher resolution than my Canon Rebel XTi. Sigh.


Hole(y) Jumpin’!

We had a digging feeling inside of us to go by the lot late Thursday evening after work. Despite the huge hole directly in front of the car, Cori was under the impression that James was oddly ecstatic over a mere scrape in the dirt. Much to her short-sighted surprise a huge hole was found as she dragged herself into the blowing cold.

We woke up early Saturday (read: afternoon) and with our camera in tow, we made our way to the hole only to be surprised that at some point Friday, concrete had been poured. See below to experience our genuine excitement, over framed concrete.





Couple_FrontWe can only imagine the sheer joy once the walls go up.

Lies and Slander: The wife speaks the Truth

Everyone deserves fair-warning: If you were able to read the post below, I apologize that in my introduction of James I chose to say “witty” instead of “punny”.

My dearest husband forgot to mention that the “flow of people” argument all started from something he “had to have”. Let me take you back to before Thanksgiving, where my wonderful husband, knowing the bargain hunter I am, offers a deal that I could not pass up: a new tv but at a rock-bottom price. Knowing the “need” for this new television and being the loving wife I am, I agreed.

Now that everyone is up to speed, the true “flow of people” argument stemmed from the need for the couch to be placed far enough back that the super-large television that “he had to have on Black Friday” did not overpower the family room. I simply wanted to cheat the couch back a few inches. However, if the door swung in its current direction, my clumsy self would run into the couch. So to avoid the countless bruises on an arm, or leg, or hip that I know would ensue, I opted to change the direction! Since below James gave me the W, I hope the builder agrees!

tv with couch - cori

Note: Yes, of course the image is to scale.

Guests are (apparently) cattle

Allow me to introduce you to an argument conversation that could be heard throughout our home this past week or so. My lovely wife and I have been discussing the swing of our back door. Specifically in regard to what she has so lovingly deemed “the flow of people.” Before I continue, I would like to state (for my own safety) that I believe this to be a perfectly legitimate concern and decision to make in regard to our new home. That said, “the flow of people” sounds to me as if we are herding our guests akin to cows at the farm.

“To the kitchen, bovine guests, dinner of corn mash is served!”

Currently our back door swings in a direction as if to close off the entrance to the kitchen and open up to the living room. Through many case studies (read: my wife approaching every door in the house from any conceivable direction) Cori has determined this to be unacceptable. As any supportive husband would do, I replied, “Okay.”

This brings us to the aforementioned “flow of people” and what Cori we’ve decided is best for re-creating our guests’ natural habitat. This is our back door as it stands now:

Back Door

Cori’s argument hinges (I refuse to be ashamed of that pun) on the fact that 9 times out of 10 we will be coming in from our deck, grill, or whatever outdoor activity, directly into our kitchen. If the door remains in its current configuration, the “flow of people” will look like this:

Around and around

In her our opinion, this is just not right. Imagine, if you will, that I’m carrying a plate of delicious burgers fresh off the grill. (Husband note: my chosen dinner for this example was most definitely on purpose due to the title of this post.) Am I delivering these delicious meat discs to the living room or the kitchen? Why adhere to the flow above, when it could be far simpler, like this:

dat flow

“That flow makes so much more sense, doesn’t it?” Yes, dear, yes it does.

The great door debate of 2013 is settled with the wife getting the W. My apathy of this situation apparently didn’t get its foot through the door.

The Beginning.


As the ground breaks on our first home, the journey begins. We’ve decided to chronicle the process from start to finish. In a way to preserve our own memories, (in the chance that we ever decide to do something this crazy in the future) as well as a convenient way to keep our large families informed. Perhaps even a way to impart our own individual passions to any that choose to listen.

Before we get too deep, let’s tell you a bit about ourselves. We were married June 26th, 2010 shortly following our graduation from college. After a wonderful honeymoon in Jamaica, we moved into a rental together in the Ozarks, conveniently located halfway between each of our individual careers (wife edit: my half sure seems further).

In true romantic fashion, allow us to introduce one another:

From the husband: Cori is the most caring, funny, lovable, silly, and shy person that you will ever meet. Able to blush at a moments notice, the power to invoke a Taylor Swift song for every mood or emotion, the bargain hunting champion, the uncanny ability to spill some portion of every meal, and the teacher-stare from your nightmares, it’s Super Wife!  The girl that I picked during a game of sharks and minnows so many years ago is now the woman that I am lucky to call my wife.

From the wife: James is the super geek any girl would want to marry. He can fix anything “techy”, offer unsolicited advice on a variety of topics, all while scheming the next great meal he is going to cook for our feasting pleasure. (still not sure how it all turns out to be so tasty) James bursts the “nerd” stereotype by being super sociable and witty as well as being a passionate sports fan. Thank goodness hockey is finally “unlocked” and the current season of Blues Hockey will soon grace my super-large television screen.  Be jealous that he didn’t put a ring on your finger!

Two young explorers experiencing the ups and downs of life, love, food, and travel. All while building their first home. That’s the short of it, and the reason that we’ve decided to start this blog. We’re under contract on a to be constructed home, our first home. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.