Lies and Slander: The wife speaks the Truth

Everyone deserves fair-warning: If you were able to read the post below, I apologize that in my introduction of James I chose to say “witty” instead of “punny”.

My dearest husband forgot to mention that the “flow of people” argument all started from something he “had to have”. Let me take you back to before Thanksgiving, where my wonderful husband, knowing the bargain hunter I am, offers a deal that I could not pass up: a new tv but at a rock-bottom price. Knowing the “need” for this new television and being the loving wife I am, I agreed.

Now that everyone is up to speed, the true “flow of people” argument stemmed from the need for the couch to be placed far enough back that the super-large television that “he had to have on Black Friday” did not overpower the family room. I simply wanted to cheat the couch back a few inches. However, if the door swung in its current direction, my clumsy self would run into the couch. So to avoid the countless bruises on an arm, or leg, or hip that I know would ensue, I opted to change the direction! Since below James gave me the W, I hope the builder agrees!

tv with couch - cori

Note: Yes, of course the image is to scale.


One thought on “Lies and Slander: The wife speaks the Truth

  1. replace the door and windows with a sliding glass door. It will let in more light and solve the door opening discussion. Just a suggestion.

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