We’re floored.

Going by the house has become somewhat of a frequent occurrence around here at Explorers HQ. Add that regular self-indulgence to constant packing (wishful thinking), late-nights at work, and general sickness, updates have been sparse. For that, we apologize. Here’s to a bit more of a regular schedule in the coming future. 

“Forget the words!” you say, “show us the goods!” So, without further adieu, here are some images from our most recent trip to the house, AKA today.

Next door deck shot


inside_rightIn other news, we’re meeting with our builder, regarding our interior choices, for the first time tomorrow. Cori, who has been pining for this design meeting from the start is now inexplicably nervous. I’d also like to add that all lens flares in our photos are 100% intended, it’s called art (according to J.J. Abrams), get some culture in your life. (Husband note: as a professional designer, that previous sentence physically pained me to write.) The great door debate of 2013 will finally be settled tomorrow, or rather, discussed with the builder, that will undoubtedly agree with Cori’s brilliant suggestion. 


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