1.21 Gigawatts!?!

After a late night at work, what better way to relax than a trip to your new home? I’m not personally aware of one, however, I’ve been told that I’m a strange man. It was a bit too dark and I was not prepared with proper camera equipment so this post will have to do.

Great Scott! Our breaker panel had been installed and all electrical drops and outlet boxes were in place. If I were a man that claimed to know anything about construction, I’d say that drywall was in our very near future. But what do I know, I build things with a keyboard and mouse all day.


We’ve Come Down With Shingles

This past weekend brought some great weather and with that many unnecessary trips to the house. 3 times in one day is not overkill, right? I suppose we convinced ourselves that it was going to be cold and rainy all day Sunday, therefore necessitating multiple trips on Saturday, makes total sense. With nearly eight workers on our roof laying shingles, we decided to return later. A few hours later we return, braving the odd looks from the neighbors (read: that we’ve now met in the most random of circumstances, more on that later) we broke out the camera and tripod for our now quite familiar tour around the home.

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Ooh, a gallery, fancy stuff here these days, ladies and gentlemen. Please contain your excitement as I introduce the second gallery of this post. We like to spoil you, dear reader. On that note, we’d like to familiarize you with the inside of the home. We’ve been a bit shy of this up until now as the house is not quite as photogenic inside as out. We’d prefer to show you the inside as we decorate and make it home, however, we can deny you no longer. Please bear with us as we venture inside, for the first time.

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As the drywall and finishes start to take shape we predict that the interior will begin to outshine its exterior counterpart, in its own way of course. I suppose now that we’ve finally introduced you to our secret (not really, see that floor plan link above?) interior, we’ll be less shy in the future to show it off.

Now, about those neighbors that I referenced earlier. One night last week we did our regular stop at the home a bit later than normal. After getting out of the car I couldn’t shake the smell of burning wood. My thought process went from, “Smoking meat this late? That’s dedication.” to “Oh, sweet sassy molassey, my home is entirely framed wood, it’s on fire!” in a matter of seconds. Upon further inspection the crew had left their burn pile smoldering in the back yard. I use the term smoldering lightly, as the wind was certainly keeping this blaze alive and doing its best at reenacting a Michael Bay film scene. My wife will tell you that I was over-reacting, the former Boy Scout in me says otherwise.

We decided (she indulged me) that we should introduce ourselves to our neighbors while subsequently asking for a bucket of water. First home on our fire tour: I was able to get the start of, “I’m really sorry to bother you,” before the door was hastily shut in my face by a teenage girl. Nice to meet you, house #1. The second home was far more accommodating, (albeit dismissive, much to my wife’s delight) of our predicament. I don’t want to brag, but I’m sure there are a number of worms and other dirt dwelling creatures that consider me a hero. The fire, as well as my anxiety, extinguished. I imagine there are worse ways to meet your neighbors.

The Right Frame of Mind

With our hectic schedules at work this past week or so, we’ve found ourselves at the house long after dark more often than not. (read: which isn’t the most conducive environment for decent photography.) Progress at the site has been at such a furious pace that we haven’t been able to keep up, let alone inform you of the most recent progress. However, we do have one phone quality image as the framing went up in the basement.

photo (6)

You didn’t think that was all we had, now did you? We sacrificed, for you, dear reader, and woke up early on Saturday prior to a bit of a road trip to snag some new photography. Much to our surprise, we found a few workers braving the harsh arctic conditions that seem to come and go in an instant here in the Ozarks. After offering a bribe, albeit paltry, they agreed to let us take a few photos so long as we promised to capture “their good side.” Here’s to you, crazy builder guys, braving sub-freezing temperatures, on a Saturday, to build our home. Hot chocolate alone can’t effectively measure our gratitude. 




IMG_4249Following our weekend road trip we drove straight to the construction site, rather than our current duplex. One might say that it was a gaze into the future, others may call it wishful thinking, perhaps it was just us pretending that we were actually going home. Maybe we even believed it a bit ourselves, suspending our disbelief if even just for a few moments, that our home was complete. Full of our memories and material possessions  it was  simply waiting for us to arrive, and live. Instead, reality struck in and we found our home in an even further state of construction, a few steps nearer to completion. I wasn’t kidding when I said that we couldn’t keep up with the progress.




IMG_4261I wish I could effectively illustrate what it’s like to walk around your home as it’s built around you. To watch something be created that has so long been an abstract idea, giving life to the lifeless. As it begs to tell its own story, you are left speechless, imagining your future in this exact spot. The walls have begun to tell their own tale, we’re ecstatic for when our chapter can begin.

(Husband edit: I wanted to include this last photo to illustrate the importance of a tripod after 7 in the evening when the sun has long gone down. The below image is taken from my iPhone (with flash) in the exact lighting conditions as the photos above. Long exposure is your ally, ladies and gentleman. Photoshop doesn’t hurt either.)

photo (5)