Bricks Gone Wild

We had been dreaming/thinking about design choices for months, ever since the house was finally under contract even more so when a hole had been dug. Despite our excitement and constantly asking the builder for his “goodie bag” we were told on a Thursday night back in March that we needed to pick our brick ASAP! Well, for two people who had been dreaming of making these all important decisions, it felt like we were finally ready make a brick commitment. We were given a few options: we could drive around our subdivision and pick our favorite or we could go to a local brick store and pick from the sample selections.  After work, we drove around the subdivision looking more intensely at brick than should ever be necessary. We would debate, pick one, cross it off, and argue a little more all in a matter of seconds. It was finally decided that we would go to the local brick store during James’ lunch the next day, seeing as how I had the privilege of being on Spring Break.

Wow…I never realized how many brick choices there are in the world. After debating for more than 20, 30, more like 40 minutes we left the brick place convinced we had made the right choice. Armed with two local addresses that also had “Lancaster”, our brick of choice, we went to find these houses to ensure we had made the correct decision. As we were driving through this subdivision, we were met with the realization, that there are soooo many brick choices! As we slowly crept past the first house, we were met with a very orange-ish brick. Hopeful this was a mistake we drove to find the next address, as we made our crawl by this house; we noticed that the brick looked better, but still very orange. We were not expecting orange so the shock and disappointment began to set in as we drove around the subdivision on a quest to find more brick options that may offer more of the color we were hoping to find. After speaking with the brick expert, James was given few “new” addresses for us to stalk check to ensure we were picking the correct facade for our new home. “Wilson’s Creek” seemed to have the qualities we were looking for but on closer inspection, we found that there is one brick every so often that appears to have a “poop stain” on the front. This is immediately nixed. Next up, “Winewood”, which has the darker tint but still red qualities that we have been drawn to in a brick choice, however after much debate we decide that this cannot be our choice considering a home two doors down already has it on the front. We want to be different! Finally, we come to “Bordeaux”, after driving past the address with this brick and stopping for long periods of time just to admire the beauty, we finally decide, “Bordeaux” it is! After driving up to the house this week, I think James and I are very happy and confident that “Bordeaux” is the right choice for the front of our home. We continue to fall more and more in love with it every day as we drive up to inspect the house progress!

"Lancaster" - Looks can be deceiving.

“Lancaster” – Looks can be deceiving.

"Wilson's Creek"

“Wilson’s Creek”

Winewood Brick


"Bordeaux" - The perfect choice!

“Bordeaux” – The perfect choice!

It's a brick house!

It’s a brick house!


One thought on “Bricks Gone Wild

  1. Hi. We are looking at brick right now and wine wood is a choice. Would it be possible to see the house two doors down with a picture?


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