Doors, Doors, Doors!

*Please sing the title to the tune of Girls, Girls, Girls.*

Though it was well past daylight hours, James and I had to go to the house to check the progress on Monday night. Using our phones as flashlights, we opened the garage, and reveled in the dim light; at some point on Monday, interior doors had been delivered. James and I have had a few choices in the process (one paint color, tile, carpet, and the marvelous brick I wrote about, granite) however; the majority of decisions were not ours. As the garage door began to open, James told me we had doors, I was excited, as any progress makes me happy. 

Now, before I go into my typing rant about “fancy doors” let me explain. In my mind “fancy doors” are the ones in the newer homes that are white and not six-paneled doors. I think I first fell in love when my aunt and uncle built their dream home. I loved it! It was painted in neutral tones with white trim and beautifully decorated. But most importantly, they had “fancy doors.” As I would babysit my two cousins, I would dream that it was my house, hoping one day my future home would be just as beautiful.

So, I do not think I can accurately express the sheer joy I felt as I inspected the doors for the first time; they were “fancy doors”. Yes, doors are doors, and though a normal person may not give much attention to interior doors, my childhood fantasies have had me secretly dreaming of having “fancy doors” in my future home. No, I do not mean the current house being built; I mean that house that will have everything I can dream of when money is no option. (Nope, don’t think that will happen.)  But now, I have fancy doors, just another reason I may not need that dream house and am so thankful for our house that is quickly becoming our perfect home!

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