March, April, May…how about June?

We have planned on closing many different times over the last few months. However, as we have found out during this looonnnggg drawn out process, buying a house takes time, and buying a new construction home takes even longer. We are hopeful that June is the month! (But still trying not to be too hopeful) We have had more hang-ups than we would like to discuss; however, rest assured they really have had nothing to do with us. First it was the builder dragging his feet, and then it was the loan “resting “on someone’s desk a little too long. So, here we are, late May, and the loan is out in limbo, waiting for the loan gods to approve us so we can move into our beautiful home. As we prepare for family vacation starting June 2, our house will have to sit empty a little longer seeing as how we cannot close while we are in South Dakota enjoying the Black Hills. Alas, one day, we are reminded by our loving family, we will sit around and share our house buying woes and laugh. Or, we will forget about everything once we are living in our new home. Selective memory is truly a wonderful thing.