One month in

Another week has passed which means we have been here a month. On Friday the 12th, we hosted our first party in the house, a game night, reminiscent of our college days when our friends had Thursday Night Game Night. It was exciting to see friends that live far away, as well as ones who live close while showing off the new house. We also had our first house guests: Chelsea, Kyle, and Theresa stayed for the weekend! I think the accommodations were nice, but the 6am wake-up call by the builder’s blaring music on Friday morning did not make the best impression on Chelsea. We were very happy to have Kyle, the expert in all things handy, finish showing us what to purchase and then installing the correct parts for our dryer! One month in, I am excited to finally have a fully-functioning dryer. Taking a break from our board games, Kyle, Theresa, James, and I ventured towards the pond to try our luck at fishing. A few hours later, we had not caught anything but seaweed and grass. We had a lot of fun despite the lack of fish. The pictures below are from the past week after the party, so please dismiss any mess!

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Officially home.

Well, it’s official, we’ve moved in. It’s a bit hard to believe even as I type these words in the office of our brand new home. Slowly but surely, it’s becoming ours. Every day it’s a little bit of progress here and there, and with each day we wake up, look around, and remind ourselves all over again that it really is true. Perhaps soon we’ll speak in a bit more detail about the process of the move and all the wonderful help that showed up; but for now, let’s get to the pictures you’ve all been calling, texting, and emailing about. 

We’ve done our best to take a new picture of each room every Sunday when we wake up. It’s been a goal to strive for all week and we promised ourselves before the first set to never clean, alter, or otherwise make the place look any better than the progress of the previous week had allowed.

Welcome to our new home.

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The aftermath of the move:

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And, of course a quick preview of next week to show that we’re not still living in Detroit Box City (bonus: some new furniture):

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More pictures to come as progress continues. Thanks for being here for the first chapter of this blog, we hope you’ll stick around for the next.