Progress is an interesting word for us here in our new home and it can mean a lot of different things. Some days I am making progress if I am just getting out of bed or moving from the couch for dinner. Other days, I feel like I have made a lot of progress when I have hung my clothes and cleaned the dishes. Still other times, I get an idea for decoration or a change in the new house and I work on those. Since we have moved, 3 months ago, wow, yes, really 3 months ago, I have felt some days like a lot of progress has been made and other times; I am embarrassed at the lack of accomplishments. So in the spirit of change with fall upon us, I will focus on the positive changes around the house.

Over the summer, I sprayed our white wicker furniture brown with teal accent tables. I was so jealous of the pretty brown “wicker” in the stores this spring and I wanted it so badly. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, even on sale, I decided to just change the color to the ones of my desire. I am beyond happy with how they turned out and so proud that with about $20 of spray paint I was able to achieve my desired look without the price tag of the stuff in the stores. With the new color, I can enjoy reading a book or talking with family while indulging in the lake views that much more!

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The office has seen some changes for the better over the last few months. This summer I also updated a filing cabinet that my grandma gave me to match the one I made over last summer. I just love the teal color and I find an excuse to use it any chance I get. The drawers were updated with wrapping paper from Target and modge-podge. I love how my side of the office is looking since we hung the teal-framed bulletin board I made last summer for the duplex. We also bought this bookcase from Target last week and it was put together rather simply. We had priced out creating our own, but after seeing this version online, it was already made and a lot cheaper than we would need for the materials, we were sold! Sometimes, progress isn’t about the projects we create, but the ones that are already done for us!

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Some other progress around the house can be seen in our new rug in the living room: a blue and off white chevron pattern, boxes have been hung in the guestroom that have been colorfully styled, a high table for the deck to enjoy a tasty dinner, and a mirror now hangs above the buffet.

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Other projects have been planned or are in progress and I can say that as we have been here 3 months, I know that this has place quickly became our home and now is the fun part; watching it truly become ours and filled with our treasured possessions and memories!