Progress at the Speed of an Unladen Swallow

Decisions have been made, regretted, re-considered, and ultimately kept the same as my lovely wife has so eloquently described of our struggles with brick below. Have you ever looked at brick, like really looked at brick? Suddenly a Jon Stewart cameo comes to mind, something about twenty dollar bills, that’s beside the point. If you’re anything like the two of us, you see brick as brick, not Steve Carell in Anchorman (Six degrees of Kevin Bacon Two degrees of the Daily Show?), but plain-ol’ red brick. How wrong could we possibly be? Cori provides photographic evidence of our struggles in the post below.

Lately progress has been more or less immeasurable from day to day, now take that with a grain of salt as I “build” things with a mouse and keyboard for a living. I know some construction words, like hammer, saw, drill, rip, cut, or otherwise known as things I would likely hurt myself doing. That said, drywall is a tedious process and day-to-day pictures don’t really do it justice, so we’ve been waiting patiently before uploading some more complete interior pictures of the home. Naturally, days after these images were shot more progress has been made, specifically in regards to final taping and finishing. 

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I was able to grab a few more pictures of the exterior, in between rain showers, to show the progress of both the brick and siding. The brick is now completely over the garage, it’s pretty incredible how fast it goes up. I’m sure we’ve said this many times before, however, it’s really getting real. The finishes to the drywall, siding, and brick all do their equal part in contributing to the feel of a complete home. 

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We were recently up in Kansas City to visit my parents. My brother, sister-in-law, and our beautiful niece were also visiting. It was a great time, especially when you’re able to convince your niece that she needs to constantly remind her father how gross he’s going to be when he turns 30 oh so very soon. Now let’s hope she doesn’t remember that goof when I reach that milestone.  

We celebrated Easter Saturday evening the best way we know how, with alcohol and dying eggs. There may or may not be an egg that accurately represents my immaturity and validates one of my wife’s previous posts in which she compared me to a fifth grader. 

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It was a good weekend, and a welcomed break from our increasingly busy schedules, especially so as Cori prepares for standardized testing. We’re looking forward to enjoying the new home with our friends and family. That date is only getting closer, and our house is not getting packed any faster. You’re supposed to pack prior to moving? News to me.


Kitchen Dreams

pizza kitchen

I cannot wait until my chef can move into the kitchen he deserves!