The Right Frame of Mind

With our hectic schedules at work this past week or so, we’ve found ourselves at the house long after dark more often than not. (read: which isn’t the most conducive environment for decent photography.) Progress at the site has been at such a furious pace that we haven’t been able to keep up, let alone inform you of the most recent progress. However, we do have one phone quality image as the framing went up in the basement.

photo (6)

You didn’t think that was all we had, now did you? We sacrificed, for you, dear reader, and woke up early on Saturday prior to a bit of a road trip to snag some new photography. Much to our surprise, we found a few workers braving the harsh arctic conditions that seem to come and go in an instant here in the Ozarks. After offering a bribe, albeit paltry, they agreed to let us take a few photos so long as we promised to capture “their good side.” Here’s to you, crazy builder guys, braving sub-freezing temperatures, on a Saturday, to build our home. Hot chocolate alone can’t effectively measure our gratitude. 




IMG_4249Following our weekend road trip we drove straight to the construction site, rather than our current duplex. One might say that it was a gaze into the future, others may call it wishful thinking, perhaps it was just us pretending that we were actually going home. Maybe we even believed it a bit ourselves, suspending our disbelief if even just for a few moments, that our home was complete. Full of our memories and material possessions  it was  simply waiting for us to arrive, and live. Instead, reality struck in and we found our home in an even further state of construction, a few steps nearer to completion. I wasn’t kidding when I said that we couldn’t keep up with the progress.




IMG_4261I wish I could effectively illustrate what it’s like to walk around your home as it’s built around you. To watch something be created that has so long been an abstract idea, giving life to the lifeless. As it begs to tell its own story, you are left speechless, imagining your future in this exact spot. The walls have begun to tell their own tale, we’re ecstatic for when our chapter can begin.

(Husband edit: I wanted to include this last photo to illustrate the importance of a tripod after 7 in the evening when the sun has long gone down. The below image is taken from my iPhone (with flash) in the exact lighting conditions as the photos above. Long exposure is your ally, ladies and gentleman. Photoshop doesn’t hurt either.)

photo (5)



We’re floored.

Going by the house has become somewhat of a frequent occurrence around here at Explorers HQ. Add that regular self-indulgence to constant packing (wishful thinking), late-nights at work, and general sickness, updates have been sparse. For that, we apologize. Here’s to a bit more of a regular schedule in the coming future. 

“Forget the words!” you say, “show us the goods!” So, without further adieu, here are some images from our most recent trip to the house, AKA today.

Next door deck shot


inside_rightIn other news, we’re meeting with our builder, regarding our interior choices, for the first time tomorrow. Cori, who has been pining for this design meeting from the start is now inexplicably nervous. I’d also like to add that all lens flares in our photos are 100% intended, it’s called art (according to J.J. Abrams), get some culture in your life. (Husband note: as a professional designer, that previous sentence physically pained me to write.) The great door debate of 2013 will finally be settled tomorrow, or rather, discussed with the builder, that will undoubtedly agree with Cori’s brilliant suggestion. 

Hole(y) Jumpin’!

We had a digging feeling inside of us to go by the lot late Thursday evening after work. Despite the huge hole directly in front of the car, Cori was under the impression that James was oddly ecstatic over a mere scrape in the dirt. Much to her short-sighted surprise a huge hole was found as she dragged herself into the blowing cold.

We woke up early Saturday (read: afternoon) and with our camera in tow, we made our way to the hole only to be surprised that at some point Friday, concrete had been poured. See below to experience our genuine excitement, over framed concrete.





Couple_FrontWe can only imagine the sheer joy once the walls go up.