5th Grader at Heart

I am a teacher. Not only is this my job; but also a calling, something I am passionate about, how I earn my living yada, yada, yada…

Anyway the main point is that I enjoy teaching. Many people understand this fact and are totally cool with teaching as a profession. However, the normal reservation people have with me as a teacher is that I am a 5th grade teacher… and I love it. Yep, there you have it, I love teaching a “middle grade.” They are perfect. (It must be the snow day talking.) I love that we can joke and have fun but when it is time to get serious about their education, the students are ready to be serious and  learn.  

After repeatedly answering the questions, “5th grade”,  “wow, really”, “you must hate it”, “when are you going to move down”, I have come to realize that some people just really do not understand or aren’t comprehending that I really mean what I say, I love teaching 5th grade. After really thinking about it this year and teaching multiple lessons on comparing and contrasting, I am beginning to realize the reason I love my fifth graders so much, the reason I understand them, and connect so well with them is that I married a 5th grader at heart… Now, now before anyone starts defending my super awesome, handsome, and responsible husband (must be the snow day again) please study my venn diagram below.

James vs Students